September 2022

Hi again, 

It’s been a little while since we’ve reached out and we have quite a few new people following our journey. We thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves once more and tell you all why we created TATU Protein Water.

Our founder and CEO, Sean Penrith, was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, and had the pleasure of being schooled internationally as an entrepreneur. He doubled Cape Horn on a 42’ ketch before running a business in Buenos Aires and beginning new ventures in Johannesburg, Wisconsin, and Portland. He has been heavily immersed in the world of sustainability, carbon markets, conservation finance, and climate risk for more than two decades. It seemed natural to create a company that solidly aligns with his belief in being a responsible denizen of the world.

I am Jacoba Gundle, co-founder and COO of Mindful Proteins. I first met Sean when I worked with him at an environmental nonprofit in Portland. He shared with me his idea of creating the best functional food and beverage company in the country. All of our products would be clean label; they would avoid the use of artificial ingredients, flavors, and sweeteners to deliver high levels of protein. From that vision, we created Mindful Proteins.

Our first product is TATU Protein Water, named after Sean’s mom, Tatu (tāh-too), who was an acclaimed South African artist. She set Sean on his path to wellness and is the inspiration for our mission to use simple, safe, and healthy ingredients that offer convenient hydration and muscle recovery post workout.

After years of hard work, TATU is now available in two keto-friendly flavors: Orange & Mango and Lemon & Ginger. Each 12 oz can of TATU is loaded with 15g of the best whey protein isolate you can find, contains 0g of sugar, and has only 60 calories. We source our whey from the pristine pastures of New Zealand and produce TATU right here on the west coast of the United States. Our delicious and naturally flavored water provides nearly one third of your recommended daily dose of protein.

TATU is for sale on the shelves of Market of Choice and a few select gyms in the Pacific Northwest. You can also purchase TATU from our website at or via Amazon. We really appreciate the support of each and every one of you while we navigate the world of creating our own line of high-protein foods and beverages. Stay tuned for new updates and progress as we work to make Mindful Proteins and TATU household names!

Thanks for reading,