Emerging Brands Alliance: Live from the Floor of the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

Live from the Floor of the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

See some of the new and trending products from the show floor of Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas!

There were many innovative new products; from Wilderness Poets 'Spin' plant-based milk concentrates in resealable packs, to chicken skin crisps by Flock Foods, and Alaskan kelp-based seasonings, sauces, and salsa by Barnacle Foods . Organic ancient grains and flours including emmer farro, einkorn, and potlatch pilaf were on display by Bluebird Grain Farms Plant-based calamari and tuna by Jinka, plant-based cheeses and snacks by Vevan Foods, and vegan oat-based Gelato Festival were offered, as well as soy cream by Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Cream. Dairy free chocolate by 7th Heaven Chocolate, and vegan chocolate by iChoc - vegan chocolate were also on display. Shelf-stable organic plant-based ground pork was presented by CHi Foods. For Dry January or the sober curious, non alcoholic mixed beverages by MIXOLOSHE, or Greenbar Distillery’s “un” line of beverages were eye-catching, as were ‘food-as-medicine’ in beverage or shot format by Remedy Organics, or TATU’s protein infused water. BrainJuice® also offered a coffee/tea alternative ‘food-as-medicine’ beverage - one each for adults and kids. Other functional food products were on display, like Fantasty Foods sugar and dairy free coffee creamer with probiotics and MCT Oil, or their organic coffee line with functional mushroom extracts. Other functional foods include raw adaptogenic honey with mushroom by Bee Shepherd, and seasonings with adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals by Spicewell, or drinkable Konjac jelly with collagen, vitamin C, and antioxidants by Tastelli. Tea was offered in convenient new formats such as solid drops by Tea Drops, and in disc format by iLOLA Tea. An upcycled tea made from avocado leaves was also seen by Avocado Tea Co.. And finally, small batch sodas by Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. include Vanilla Cream and Root Beer, but their new flavor Rocket Pop was a blast from the past. And Salsa Queen offered dehydrated salsa mixes for an easy take-along pack. This was just a smattering of the delicious and innovative products found at Fancy Food Show!

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