December 2022

Happy Holidays  

Please shop small this holiday seasons!

Shop small because it keeps money in your local community. Shop small because it supports your friends and family. Shop small because it funds the hard-working entrepreneurs who strive every day to build and maintain their communities. 

TATU is owned by a small business called Mindful Proteins. We are a company of just two people who work hard every day to support our local food and beverage market. We believe that TATU Protein Water is beneficial to everyone.

TATU is made with clean, organic ingredients. We source our whey protein from the green pastures of New Zealand because they have such a high standard of treatment for their cows. We use an organic monkfruit and stevia blend to avoid including added sugars. We package TATU in an aluminum can because it is the most sustainable option available. Every decision we make is thoughtfully researched and chosen to benefit the planet and our customers.

TATU has 15 grams of whey protein isolate, 0 grams of sugar, only 60 calories, and tastes delicious. Which flavor is your favorite?