2024 Benefit Corporation for Good Recertification

When creating Mindful Proteins, Sean and I were determined to build a carefully considered company. We wanted to ensure that our social and environmental priorities were clear from the beginning. We knew what we wanted, we just didn’t know how to package it or how to communicate it to our customers.

Then we found Benefit Corporations for Good (BCFG).

“Benefit Corporations for Good offers small businesses a proven, affordable third-party standard to certify their commitment to social and environmental impact.”

Being a Benefit Corporation for Good means that we are a purpose-driven organization focused on the greater good of, not only our company, but our community and our planet.

Last month, we recertified our commitment to being a BCFG. This process involves a detailed questionnaire about our organization’s impact on the triple-bottom line (people, planet, and profit). After submitting the questionnaire, we pay a nominal fee and then have a call with the founders of BFCG to go over the results. Each year, at recertification, the questionnaire is completed to track progress from the previous year.

The founders of BCFG are an excellent resource to help ensure we are doing everything we can to make our organization the best it can be. The network of other member organizations is also invaluable for ideas and support. One of the major lessons that we have gleaned in our time as a Certified BCFG, is that there is always more to learn. There is always room for improvement when it comes to making our organization a better place for its employees, reducing our negative impact on the planet, and improving the success of the company.

We are committed to being a Benefit Corporation for Good and are proud to be a part of this amazing community.